Secret Service API Draft

Stef Walter

GNOME Keyring Developer

Michael Leupold

KWallet Developer

Secret Service 0.2 DRAFT

I. API Documentation
1. Introduction
2. Secrets
3. Collection and Items
4. Aliases
5. Lookup Attributes
6. Sessions
7. Transfer of Secrets
Negotiation of Algorithms
Algorithm: plain
Algorithm: dh-ietf1024-sha256-aes128-cbc-pkcs7
8. Locking and Unlocking
9. Prompts and Prompting
10. What's not included in the API
11. Notes for Service Implementors
II. D-Bus API Reference
12. Object Paths
13. Interfaces
org.freedesktop.Secret.Service — The Secret Service manages all the sessions and collections.
org.freedesktop.Secret.Collection — A collection of items containing secrets.
org.freedesktop.Secret.Item — An item contains a secret, lookup attributes and has a label.
org.freedesktop.Secret.Session — A session tracks state between the service and a client application.
org.freedesktop.Secret.Prompt — A prompt necessary to complete an operation.
14. Types
Struct types
Map types
15. Errors