A. Registered Categories

This section contains a number of well known categories and suggestions on how to use them:

Note that category names are case-sensitive.

Main Categories

By including one of the Main Categories in an application's desktop entry file, the application will be ensured that it will show up in a section of the application menu dedicated to this category. If multiple Main Categories are included in a single desktop entry file, the entry may appear more than once in the menu.

Category-based menus based on the Main Categories listed in this specification do not provide a complete ontology for all available applications. Category-based menu implementations SHOULD therefore provide a "catch-all" submenu for applications that cannot be appropriately placed elsewhere.

The table below lists all Main Categories.

Main CategoryDescriptionNotes
AudioVideoApplication for presenting, creating, or processing multimedia (audio/video) 
AudioAn audio applicationDesktop entry must include AudioVideo as well
VideoA video applicationDesktop entry must include AudioVideo as well
DevelopmentAn application for development 
EducationEducational software 
GameA game 
GraphicsApplication for viewing, creating, or processing graphics 
NetworkNetwork application such as a web browser 
OfficeAn office type application 
ScienceScientific software 
SettingsSettings applicationsEntries may appear in a separate menu or as part of a "Control Center"
SystemSystem application, "System Tools" such as say a log viewer or network monitor 
UtilitySmall utility application, "Accessories"