B. Currently reserved for use within KDE

For historical reasons KDE is using some KDE-specific extensions that are currently not prefixed by a X-KDE- prefix.

KDE also used the Keywords key before it was standardized, using commas instead of semi-colons as separators. At the time of standardization, the field had been prefixed with a X-KDE prefix, but the Trinity fork still used the non-prefixed variant.

KDE uses the following additional keys for desktop entries of the FSDevice type.

Table B.1. FSDevice Specific Keys

KeyDescriptionValue Type
Dev The device to mount. string
FSType The type of file system to try to mount. string
MountPoint The mount point of the device in question. string
ReadOnly Specifies whether or not the device is read only. boolean
UnmountIcon Icon to display when device is not mounted. Mounted devices display icon from the Icon key. localestring